Filming Update – Hurley

Update: 9th Sept As some of you keep pointing out the name “I am Joe King” makes you think this is a foiler. Well “I am Joe King” is a regular set watcher in Hawaii and is known by that name and has had dealings with Ryan from Hawaii Blog several time. Don’t let his funny name put you off. 🙂

Thanks to DarkUFO reader I am Joe King for the following report from the set. This seems to imply that Episode 5.03 could well be a Hurley Flashforward and a hallucination scene.

In Kaimuki, they were filming at the corner of 9th and Waialae Avenue. It is an accident scene where Hurley(stunt double was driving) speeds down the street and knocks over some boxes on the sidewalk before driving off. He’s being chased by someone you’ll never guess….. Ana-Lucia in a Police car.

She was in the car the whole time, so I couldn’t 100% confirm it was her but I’m pretty sure. I just don’t want to speculate and be wrong. She had HUGE glasses on. I’m guessing flashback or hallucination. I should add that the stunt guy was wearing hospital type garb, so that’s why I think it is in the present.

Source: I am Joe King@DarkUFO