Filming Update – Locke

Thanks to DarkUFO reader JD for the following.

Me and my wife watched as both Terry O’quinn and Nestor Carbonell ran from armed men. This was episode 5.03 according to the crew. Someone on set said that the scene they filmed previously was the set up to the shooting and chase and that involved Locke and Alpert running across the island to a rock formation with a square in it from a previous season. The guard said the Alpert character retrieves some sort of device on the way to the rock formation and he uses this device along with the rock formation with the hole in it to discover what year it is. Can you tell me what season this rock formation is in because we are clueless about that?

Source: JD@DarkUFO

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up

I’m not sure which episode they were filming this week but a friend of mine who works at Waimea Falls Park told me this story about the filming going on there this week.

She saw Locke in a big banyan tree. He was in some type of stunt harness and was up in the tree facing the tree trunk. It looked like he was trying to climb the tree. And here’s the good part…he gets shot in his upper thigh. She saw Locke’s stunt double get into the harness at some point too.

Nestor Carbonal was on set too but she couldn’t verify that he did the shooting.

Also, there was a small Cessna type crashed plane at the same set very close by.

Source: HaleiwaDiva@LostTV Forum