More Filming Updates

Thanks again to Ryan for this update from one of his readers Carole

 for this update from one of his readers Carole More filming updatesWe went out and saw them filming a scene with Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway. We also saw Vincent the dog! The scene had Sawyer, shirtless and in jeans, talking to Juliette. We also think they may have been shooting with “Rose” as well, as when we were walking by, we heard someone ask if Rose was ready and miked up… When we made our way back, security for the property saw us and then walked us through a wooded trail back to our car — because if we would have went back via the beach, we would have been in the shot. As we walked through the woods, we saw some tent-like structures that were probably used at some point for filming. Because we didn’t want to get into trouble, I only snapped photos from far away. I did get a good one of Vincent though!

Source: Hawaii Blog